The One Who Taught Me Life: Farah Ann

Women… are the ultimate guide to Life. This is what I see in all of them especially Farah Ann; who is a Malaysian Women Artistic Gymnastics athlete recently performed at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. I see her as my idol, role model and inspiration for all humankind because she loves doing what she puts her soul into. Although many people in the country tend to consider her as a criminal in a sense that she does not wear proper attire due to the fact she is a Muslim and wearing leotards during her athletic performances is against the rules and regulations of the religion, she showed us in many ways women are actually capable of doing and be whoever they want to at the top of the world.

Farah Ann may not know this and I never Inform anything but I actually learn a lot from her. She is an indirect visual information who is subjected to my recent development of a determination and comprehensive system of Life, known as System of Feminine Ally, or S.O.F.A. This system is my current research; which is what I am doing to learn about Life within Life in dependence of Life around Life itself. What I am trying to say here is this system in accordance to a female anthropomorphic lifeform is for the necessity of the detection of Life within and beyond Earth. To this day, we fail to detect Life anywhere else other than on Earth and even though we may know many forms of Life here, there are still more we yet to know and the best to learn them is through our own existence.

Do you all know Life exist on and within our body through bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and viruses; not to mention having micro animals lingering in the world who we actually are? What we should understand is we are our own planet; harboring Life from the day we were made to exist till the end of our time while depending on Life from the environment we live in regardless of being natural and/or the altered version. Farah Ann is one of eight billion people in the world to be a living planet and S.O.F.A. is a necessary art of learning for me to build a connection between women (and any other lifeforms) as planets and possible living entities existing in other planetary systems.

Farah Ann is applied as a planet in my research, which I already told earlier. This means the world she is involves both external and internal parts of her body where microbes live and how she as a multicellular organism able to exist with lesser amount of human cells in comparison to other microorganisms linking together to form the person she is today while harboring billions of forms of Life every second. She is an environment for the microbes and being in the environment where she lives makes her a planet within planet; acting similarly to how microbes live with resources available on and in her body. This is why I find Life very fascinating to my eyes with the idea coming to mind after several times watching Farah Ann performed her gymnastics routines on the Internet.

S.O.F.A. is an ongoing research which I have been on for a few months now. Using Farah Ann as the visual subject and information and linking her to everything else I have studied about Life for more than a decade will allow me to see through what Homo Sapiens had failed all these years. I am going back into the past; using the multiple works applied by Ancient Greek wise men including Archimedes to visualize exoplanets with Life without the help of the machines for time being. We need to understand one thing; Life already exist in other parts of the Universe. The only thing we need to do is to discover them. There is no need for us to prove to anyone if Life exist elsewhere beyond Earth. All we know is they are around and we will let The Others know we are coming for them.

Living where heavens shed tears
The one rises to where birds sing
She is what the lonely never be
For the world where Life has been
To born and to die, on and in her
Who she exist for, who she exist with
As a spirit living with the others
And being a soul within another
Life be what Love is searching for
As long as she be the one to be.

“Farah Ann, may Life be with you till the end of time.”

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