The One In Thailand

Women are nature’s way of existing as mothers to humankind. Like how men admire the beauty of trees, grasses and flowers in motion as the wind forces itself against them, the splashing of waterfall on their faces and bodies as they feel themselves bathed and cleansed from dirt and dust, the touch they apply on every steps as they reach out for the peak of blistering cold mountains with dying moments away from their grasps and the fall they experience from a certain point of Earth’s atmosphere going all the way before using parachutes to make way for their landings, women are a lively home we all wish to live in for life long. Today, my heart wish to tribute the one in Thailand for being one of them:

Your smile reaches out a mile
Of a Life which makes a wife
To heal the wounds on our deal
Wanting to peel off what I feel
Wild as I am, mild as you are
Dove is your form, love is my norm
Roam where you be my foam
Find where you are my kind
As I wind up to keep you bind
Rose shall run through my nose
As I lose what will be your dose
I wait till you be my bait
A date for you to check a mate
Race as I give you my lace
Pray for you to be my tray
Where fine line stays a dine wine
I shall fall where you stand tall
And stay right where you light.

“May the ones in Thailand be blessed with Love throughout their lives.”

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