Poetry For The Soul: Tears


Have you realized?
Whenever you cry
I leave your eyes
Evaporating to the air
Separating me from you endlessly
The pain I wish to never feel
As I roll down your cheeks
Unable to return to where you see.

Will you let me stay?
Let me instead help you to see
That I will be the water you need
Even when I never exist the way you do
I am only meant to be nothing else
But to be you by your side.

46 thoughts on “Poetry For The Soul: Tears

  1. this is fully eloquent! it brought me to reminisce of an old poem of mine..

    what is it? β€”

    It is wash and pier
    It is salty and clear

    It lifts and surrounds
    It pays in the cry
    It weighs 1000 pounds
    It fits in one eye

    It tastes like the ocean
    It breathes every emotion
    It houses pain’s smear
    It can be so sincere

    It utters the sum…
    As a busted blister
    As hostage’s revenge
    As desperation’s sister
    As hope’s rival avenge

    It comes from…
    The great and terrible
    The cruel flower’s thorn
    The longing so unbearable
    The feel that came to warm

    It smudges a poet’s sad inked trace
    After rolling down his wrinkled face

    Ricardo. (2011)

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