Put Me To Sleep Before You Leave

Put Me To Sleep Before You Leave

Once upon a time, I existed. I was alive; a girl full of love and joy. But when the final rain which fell on my skin was not the one usually bathed me during a night, instead troubled my soul with hands grabbing and groping my all while taking away what belonged to me, I learned that hell had indeed proven to me it was never only under my feet. Hell came in a form of a man; and he’ll often taught me something that my everything and I was nothing but a thing usable only for a moment, as he was blissful when I was tortured in my dying moments. Even when my tears rolled through the cheeks, his evil smile grew to an immeasurable length and I knew right then no one was there for me.

Why am I alive, only for a moment?
To born, just to live my short-lived Life
To live, just to experience my dying state
To die, just to see someone wants me gone
I finally, got betrayed by my own narrator
As someone else, decides the end of my story.

The endless blows and cuts I received from him was the only gift I could ever take from him before he puts me to sleep… put me in a ground lower than the usual; maybe this time he will let me go, so I thought. Maybe he did not need my body anymore. There was nothing else I could do to keep him torturing me. He had enough from me and decided there was no need for anyone to see the end of me besides him. After my final breath, I traveled with him through the roads for the last time before I was to live underground for the rest of my death. Maybe he wanted to introduce me to hell before he left me in there. I was covered with what he took out earlier from the ground and began to befriend the darkness.

Will someone wake me up
And tell me this is just a nightmare
So I will know I am still alive
And able to do the things you can do?
Or should I fear that I no longer live
Never to be found by anyone for years
Forgotten as if I never actually exist
And be someone who used to be?

“Go to sleep, girl. I’ll come back for you when you’ll be finally awaken.”

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