Poetry For The Soul: An Electronic Dewise

An Electronic Dewise

Each day when you pick me up
I feel your hands holding me
To capture an image of you
And leave it present in my heart.

Each hour you look at myself
You do not only see the one you are
You see me as well as I see you
Whenever you find yourself smiling
I smile too, knowing I see the best of you.

Each minute I am driven by your touch
As you type letters and numbers
On my functional body
You let me learn and understand
What you used to hide in your mind
Finally knowing the one you are.

Each second I am spoilt by your love
Sometimes wishing to be a person
The one to love you the same
Hoping there will be no end to you and I
Though you have someone by your side
But here you are, still with me
Hoping I will unite you with yours to be.

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