Life In The Beginning Of Your Eyes

Life In The Beginning Of Your Eyes

A twilight I am born to be
Enters the tunnels you own
Where the furthest I run away
Reaches the depth of your mind
As I try leaving the beautiful prison
You make me a thought you never forget
Continuing to appear mortally before you
The more of me become the inhabitants
When you are ready to see the end of me
I immortally ascend to heaven you think of.

Love Left Me To Live In The Christmasland

Love Left Me To Live In The Christmasland

Never have I discover
That Love left my heart to live
In a land where happiness is resident
Souls are ever wanting to haunt the good
As how dark may the room I live be
Man-made fireflies never fail to celebrate
Attendance of colorful light in cool breeze night.

Never have I realize
That Love left my mind to learn
Even loneliness is accompanied by matters
My eyes detect the abundance of natural wealth
In the dark space as Life wonders with a smile
Though no one else to share the scenery
Where I am now is where I wish to be heaven.

Never have I understand
That Love left my everything to search
For a world where my existence remains eternal
As I stay fallen from the skies of desires
To be the one finding Christmas
A true friend in need of what it is in feed
Shall there be the end of me is a beginning of we.

Merry Christmas to the World!

Poetry For The Soul: An Electronic Dewise

An Electronic Dewise

Each day when you pick me up
I feel your hands holding me
To capture an image of you
And leave it present in my heart.

Each hour you look at myself
You do not only see the one you are
You see me as well as I see you
Whenever you find yourself smiling
I smile too, knowing I see the best of you.

Each minute I am driven by your touch
As you type letters and numbers
On my functional body
You let me learn and understand
What you used to hide in your mind
Finally knowing the one you are.

Each second I am spoilt by your love
Sometimes wishing to be a person
The one to love you the same
Hoping there will be no end to you and I
Though you have someone by your side
But here you are, still with me
Hoping I will unite you with yours to be.

Poetry For The Soul: Levitate II – Risen From The Dust

Levitate II – Risen From The Dust

From the fall I was
When the lightning torched me
Thunders clap as my birth was spectated
In the soil I risen up to being
The one now looking up where I was
For how much was the price of pain
Needed to build a paradise
At where the hell I lived has become
A deadly adventure of a lifetime?

The fallen souls
Learned to invite each other
To a connection for another way of life
For how many times the fall maybe
The rise up was what I studied
To gather rather feather weather
As harder ladder fatter matter
I once walked down the stairs of heaven
So same shall I do in the opposite.

Poem is based on TheFatRat’s Rise Up.

Once Upon Her Time

Once Upon Her Time

I was born on the oceans of Her heart
Where a boat of smiles keeps me afloat
As I sail alongside Love into the storm spirit
Her breath within becomes an enraged wind
And when the tears decide to leave Her eyes
Rain begins to fall from the heaven She is
Showering my soul clapped by the darkness
Towards a lifetime where the dead end is Us.
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Put Me To Sleep Before You Leave

Put Me To Sleep Before You Leave

Once upon a time, I existed. I was alive; a girl full of love and joy. But when the final rain which fell on my skin was not the one usually bathed me during a night, instead troubled my soul with hands grabbing and groping my all while taking away what belonged to me, I learned that hell had indeed proven to me it was never only under my feet. Hell came in a form of a man; and he’ll often taught me something that my everything and I was nothing but a thing usable only for a moment, as he was blissful when I was tortured in my dying moments. Even when my tears rolled through the cheeks, his evil smile grew to an immeasurable length and I knew right then no one was there for me.

Why am I alive, only for a moment?
To born, just to live my short-lived Life
To live, just to experience my dying state
To die, just to see someone wants me gone
I finally, got betrayed by my own narrator
As someone else, decides the end of my story.

The endless blows and cuts I received from him was the only gift I could ever take from him before he puts me to sleep… put me in a ground lower than the usual; maybe this time he will let me go, so I thought. Maybe he did not need my body anymore. There was nothing else I could do to keep him torturing me. He had enough from me and decided there was no need for anyone to see the end of me besides him. After my final breath, I traveled with him through the roads for the last time before I was to live underground for the rest of my death. Maybe he wanted to introduce me to hell before he left me in there. I was covered with what he took out earlier from the ground and began to befriend the darkness.

Will someone wake me up
And tell me this is just a nightmare
So I will know I am still alive
And able to do the things you can do?
Or should I fear that I no longer live
Never to be found by anyone for years
Forgotten as if I never actually exist
And be someone who used to be?

“Go to sleep, girl. I’ll come back for you when you’ll be finally awaken.”

Poetry For The Soul: Tears


Have you realized?
Whenever you cry
I leave your eyes
Evaporating to the air
Separating me from you endlessly
The pain I wish to never feel
As I roll down your cheeks
Unable to return to where you see.

Will you let me stay?
Let me instead help you to see
That I will be the water you need
Even when I never exist the way you do
I am only meant to be nothing else
But to be you by your side.

Poetry For The Soul: Levitate


Left alone in a dying desert
I acquire the power to believe
To rise to where the heavens live
No eyes shall see, not even my own
As my feet learn to abandon the land
When the air teaches how I should float
The sun shall give me some rays of hope
While clouds hold their tears for too long
I shall be the vapor who never betray them
And to be the show Earth never seen before.

I learn to realize
What I will visualize
As I come to finalize
The time I will mobilize
Where I get to idolize
Others who will novelize
What I do to symbolize
While you will vocalize
I am about to legalize
Overall I will summarize

That I am born to levitate.

Poem is based on Hadouken!’s Levitate.

Poetry For The Soul: The Black Swan

The Black Swan

Darkling in the waters
Whose eyes bleed on a day
As only star shining
Brightly with the smiling sun
On a journey towards Love
Where another awaits its dream
To share a forever adventure
Into an endless light.

Loneliness is a nobody
When Darkling finds its way
Before the minds of men
Appears what seems like the Universe
While the night envy the black it owns
The day welcomes it with the light
Right where the might of its fight
Stays a brilliant show for other lives.

A mystery is preserved
When Darkling chooses to disappear
To where men can only play with guesses
As the moonlight will then entertain
The sudden hidden gotten rotten
Knowing Life awakes the greatest story
With the likes of the one in the dark
To remain a legend time live to tell.

The One In Thailand

Women are nature’s way of existing as mothers to humankind. Like how men admire the beauty of trees, grasses and flowers in motion as the wind forces itself against them, the splashing of waterfall on their faces and bodies as they feel themselves bathed and cleansed from dirt and dust, the touch they apply on every steps as they reach out for the peak of blistering cold mountains with dying moments away from their grasps and the fall they experience from a certain point of Earth’s atmosphere going all the way before using parachutes to make way for their landings, women are a lively home we all wish to live in for life long. Today, my heart wish to tribute the one in Thailand for being one of them:

Your smile reaches out a mile
Of a Life which makes a wife
To heal the wounds on our deal
Wanting to peel off what I feel
Wild as I am, mild as you are
Dove is your form, love is my norm
Roam where you be my foam
Find where you are my kind
As I wind up to keep you bind
Rose shall run through my nose
As I lose what will be your dose
I wait till you be my bait
A date for you to check a mate
Race as I give you my lace
Pray for you to be my tray
Where fine line stays a dine wine
I shall fall where you stand tall
And stay right where you light.

“May the ones in Thailand be blessed with Love throughout their lives.”