The One In Vietnam

Women are heavenly beings sent down from up above for the lonely men to guide and be guided by one another throughout their lives together. Knowing Life first exist from uterus, women became the reason why we managed to keep on going equally during ancient times as hunter-gatherers, when civilizations were yet to come as Love transcended within one heart as it reached out for another. Today, I shall give my second tribute to the one in Vietnam for being the reason:

Born from being torn
Long as she be the song
Have what men are to gave
Ring as a sound to sing
Pin where Life shall win
Drew waters under her brew
Living like Queens for the giving
Rovers run toward the Lovers
Haste before the storm waste
Days before they reach for bays
Night to the end of their might
Where she is the light there
Man gets to be in her van
Land where they go to sand
Just to be her only lust
Fast as heart can be her last
When one stays for her then
Time is nothing to her dime.

“May Women prevail in the eyes of the World, especially the ones in Vietnam.”

The One In Myanmar

Women are an exquisite art, solely painted by the Universe. To my eyes, they are the best painting I have ever seen to linger around the world and help men to co-exist to this day for millions of years; not to mention thousands of years if we are only to count the Homo Sapiens. Today, I shall begin my first tribute to the one in Myanmar; where at times of misery she has to endure all the unwanted troubles to continue living in the land in which she ever loves and cares for…

Where has Love gone?
When She is born
To give what the world is form
Never has she seen pain
Until the taken shows her gain
All to lose herself in vain
In the beginning
As she saw what is raining
But now elsewhere is reigning
While the end is near
She learns of what is fear
To live at where is rear
Worrying of the endless death
Trying hard to clear her debt
Without any help from her dad
So to allow her body live at will
As long as there is no bill
To let who she is be her deal.

“May the ones in Myanmar someday be blessed with the true form of peace.”