Once Upon Her Time

Once Upon Her Time

I was born on the oceans of Her heart
Where a boat of smiles keeps me afloat
As I sail alongside Love into the storm spirit
Her breath within becomes an enraged wind
And when the tears decide to leave Her eyes
Rain begins to fall from the heaven She is
Showering my soul clapped by the darkness
Towards a lifetime where the dead end is Us.
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Put Me To Sleep Before You Leave

Put Me To Sleep Before You Leave

Once upon a time, I existed. I was alive; a girl full of love and joy. But when the final rain which fell on my skin was not the one usually bathed me during a night, instead troubled my soul with hands grabbing and groping my all while taking away what belonged to me, I learned that hell had indeed proven to me it was never only under my feet. Hell came in a form of a man; and he’ll often taught me something that my everything and I was nothing but a thing usable only for a moment, as he was blissful when I was tortured in my dying moments. Even when my tears rolled through the cheeks, his evil smile grew to an immeasurable length and I knew right then no one was there for me.

Why am I alive, only for a moment?
To born, just to live my short-lived Life
To live, just to experience my dying state
To die, just to see someone wants me gone
I finally, got betrayed by my own narrator
As someone else, decides the end of my story.

The endless blows and cuts I received from him was the only gift I could ever take from him before he puts me to sleep… put me in a ground lower than the usual; maybe this time he will let me go, so I thought. Maybe he did not need my body anymore. There was nothing else I could do to keep him torturing me. He had enough from me and decided there was no need for anyone to see the end of me besides him. After my final breath, I traveled with him through the roads for the last time before I was to live underground for the rest of my death. Maybe he wanted to introduce me to hell before he left me in there. I was covered with what he took out earlier from the ground and began to befriend the darkness.

Will someone wake me up
And tell me this is just a nightmare
So I will know I am still alive
And able to do the things you can do?
Or should I fear that I no longer live
Never to be found by anyone for years
Forgotten as if I never actually exist
And be someone who used to be?

“Go to sleep, girl. I’ll come back for you when you’ll be finally awaken.”

The One In Thailand

Women are nature’s way of existing as mothers to humankind. Like how men admire the beauty of trees, grasses and flowers in motion as the wind forces itself against them, the splashing of waterfall on their faces and bodies as they feel themselves bathed and cleansed from dirt and dust, the touch they apply on every steps as they reach out for the peak of blistering cold mountains with dying moments away from their grasps and the fall they experience from a certain point of Earth’s atmosphere going all the way before using parachutes to make way for their landings, women are a lively home we all wish to live in for life long. Today, my heart wish to tribute the one in Thailand for being one of them:

Your smile reaches out a mile
Of a Life which makes a wife
To heal the wounds on our deal
Wanting to peel off what I feel
Wild as I am, mild as you are
Dove is your form, love is my norm
Roam where you be my foam
Find where you are my kind
As I wind up to keep you bind
Rose shall run through my nose
As I lose what will be your dose
I wait till you be my bait
A date for you to check a mate
Race as I give you my lace
Pray for you to be my tray
Where fine line stays a dine wine
I shall fall where you stand tall
And stay right where you light.

“May the ones in Thailand be blessed with Love throughout their lives.”

The One Who Taught Me Life: Farah Ann

Women… are the ultimate guide to Life. This is what I see in all of them especially Farah Ann; who is a Malaysian Women Artistic Gymnastics athlete recently performed at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. I see her as my idol, role model and inspiration for all humankind because she loves doing what she puts her soul into. Although many people in the country tend to consider her as a criminal in a sense that she does not wear proper attire due to the fact she is a Muslim and wearing leotards during her athletic performances is against the rules and regulations of the religion, she showed us in many ways women are actually capable of doing and be whoever they want to at the top of the world.

Farah Ann may not know this and I never Inform anything but I actually learn a lot from her. She is an indirect visual information who is subjected to my recent development of a determination and comprehensive system of Life, known as System of Feminine Ally, or S.O.F.A. This system is my current research; which is what I am doing to learn about Life within Life in dependence of Life around Life itself. What I am trying to say here is this system in accordance to a female anthropomorphic lifeform is for the necessity of the detection of Life within and beyond Earth. To this day, we fail to detect Life anywhere else other than on Earth and even though we may know many forms of Life here, there are still more we yet to know and the best to learn them is through our own existence.

Do you all know Life exist on and within our body through bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and viruses; not to mention having micro animals lingering in the world who we actually are? What we should understand is we are our own planet; harboring Life from the day we were made to exist till the end of our time while depending on Life from the environment we live in regardless of being natural and/or the altered version. Farah Ann is one of eight billion people in the world to be a living planet and S.O.F.A. is a necessary art of learning for me to build a connection between women (and any other lifeforms) as planets and possible living entities existing in other planetary systems.

Farah Ann is applied as a planet in my research, which I already told earlier. This means the world she is involves both external and internal parts of her body where microbes live and how she as a multicellular organism able to exist with lesser amount of human cells in comparison to other microorganisms linking together to form the person she is today while harboring billions of forms of Life every second. She is an environment for the microbes and being in the environment where she lives makes her a planet within planet; acting similarly to how microbes live with resources available on and in her body. This is why I find Life very fascinating to my eyes with the idea coming to mind after several times watching Farah Ann performed her gymnastics routines on the Internet.

S.O.F.A. is an ongoing research which I have been on for a few months now. Using Farah Ann as the visual subject and information and linking her to everything else I have studied about Life for more than a decade will allow me to see through what Homo Sapiens had failed all these years. I am going back into the past; using the multiple works applied by Ancient Greek wise men including Archimedes to visualize exoplanets with Life without the help of the machines for time being. We need to understand one thing; Life already exist in other parts of the Universe. The only thing we need to do is to discover them. There is no need for us to prove to anyone if Life exist elsewhere beyond Earth. All we know is they are around and we will let The Others know we are coming for them.

Living where heavens shed tears
The one rises to where birds sing
She is what the lonely never be
For the world where Life has been
To born and to die, on and in her
Who she exist for, who she exist with
As a spirit living with the others
And being a soul within another
Life be what Love is searching for
As long as she be the one to be.

“Farah Ann, may Life be with you till the end of time.”

The One In Vietnam

Women are heavenly beings sent down from up above for the lonely men to guide and be guided by one another throughout their lives together. Knowing Life first exist from uterus, women became the reason why we managed to keep on going equally during ancient times as hunter-gatherers, when civilizations were yet to come as Love transcended within one heart as it reached out for another. Today, I shall give my second tribute to the one in Vietnam for being the reason:

Born from being torn
Long as she be the song
Have what men are to gave
Ring as a sound to sing
Pin where Life shall win
Drew waters under her brew
Living like Queens for the giving
Rovers run toward the Lovers
Haste before the storm waste
Days before they reach for bays
Night to the end of their might
Where she is the light there
Man gets to be in her van
Land where they go to sand
Just to be her only lust
Fast as heart can be her last
When one stays for her then
Time is nothing to her dime.

“May Women prevail in the eyes of the World, especially the ones in Vietnam.”

The One In Myanmar

Women are an exquisite art, solely painted by the Universe. To my eyes, they are the best painting I have ever seen to linger around the world and help men to co-exist to this day for millions of years; not to mention thousands of years if we are only to count the Homo Sapiens. Today, I shall begin my first tribute to the one in Myanmar; where at times of misery she has to endure all the unwanted troubles to continue living in the land in which she ever loves and cares for…

Where has Love gone?
When She is born
To give what the world is form
Never has she seen pain
Until the taken shows her gain
All to lose herself in vain
In the beginning
As she saw what is raining
But now elsewhere is reigning
While the end is near
She learns of what is fear
To live at where is rear
Worrying of the endless death
Trying hard to clear her debt
Without any help from her dad
So to allow her body live at will
As long as there is no bill
To let who she is be her deal.

“May the ones in Myanmar someday be blessed with the true form of peace.”